Underage Alcohol Purchases Observed

Ponca City Police Officers working with students from Stillwater made a number of underage beer and alcohol buys at local businesses Friday evening. This effort is part of the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health’s initiative targeting underage alcohol use... Read More.

NOC Gala Tickets Available April 17

Beginning at 9 a.m. Monday, April 17, patrons may make ticket reservations for the 22nd annual Northern Oklahoma College Gala. Reservations will not be accepted through voicemail or email and cannot be made before April 17. The Gala... Read More.

Emergency Management: Lightning IS STILL A Killer

Ponca City Emergency Management LIGHTNING, A DANGEROUS PART OF SEVERE WEATHER Lightning is extremely dangerous part of a severe thunderstorm, yet often not taken very seriously. In 2016, thirty eight people were killed, mostly men, by something that could have been... Read More.