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Mon, Jul 6 at 6:30pm - Mon, Jul 13 at 8:00pm
Sullins Stadium
600-698 E Brookfield Ave, Ponca City, OK 74601

The Ponca City High School’s “Skills Camp” will be on July 6, 7, 9, 13, and 14 from 6:30PM-8:00 PM at Sullins Stadium.
Players will need to wear shorts, T shirts, and cleats. No pads. No cost.

Ponca City Quarterback Club said on their Facebook page that they are just trying to get in some of the things that they missed during Spring Football. If you have plans, just reach out to the Ponca City Quarterback Club. It’s short notice, but it’s the best they could do under these circumstances.

Locker rooms will NOT be used. All activities will remain outside for our skills camp.