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Back To School Safety Tips

With school starting tomorrow in Ponca City, here are back to school tips to help keep drivers and kids safe.


  • Keep your eyes peeled for any school zone signals and ALWAYS obey the school zone speed limit.
  • Obey all traffic laws in a school zone.
  • Always stop for buses loading or unloading children when you’re on an undivided road. If the road is divided, the traffic on the same side as the bus must stop.
  • Watch out for children near schools, bus stops, sidewalks, in the streets and parking lots.
  • Do NOT pass other vehicles, switch lanes or make U-Turns in a school zone. Especially do NOT text and drive in a school zone. A life is worth more than a text message.
  • Stay off your cell phone, unless it’s completely hands free, while driving in a school zone.
  • Unless you have the license to do so, do not use handicapped or emergency vehicle lanes or spaces to drop-off or pick-up children at school.



  • Check with the school to make sure your child is allowed to ride their bicycle to school.
  • Make sure your child always wears a helmet while riding a bike.
  • Obey the rules of the road.
  • Stay on the right-hand side of the road and ride in the same direction as oncoming traffic.
  • Make sure your child knows and uses all the appropriate hand signals. Those can be seen here.
  • Choose the safest route for your child between the school and home and practice it with them until they can demonstrate traffic safety awareness.
  • If possible, try to have them ride bikes with a friend.
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