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Changes To Oklahoma Alcohol Laws Are Approaching

Changes to Oklahoma’s alcohol laws are about a week away. Starting October 1, stronger beer options will be available and low-point beer will be a thing of the past. Eric Smoot, of the Oklahoma Alcoholic Beverage Commission or “Able”, was in town addressing questions about the changes, which comes after the passing of State Question 792 in 2016’s General Election. Starting next week, liquor stores will be allowed to sell refrigerated beer and wine. Grocery stores and gas stations will be able to sell chilled strong beer, but not liquor. Liquor stores will be able to sell beer greater than 8.99 percent alcohol by volume and wine can be up to 15 percent. Sunday sales for retail liquor stores will be up to counties. The restriction in Kay County will restrict sales on Thanksgiving and Christmas. You can find a full list of changes online at

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