With the heavy amount of rain that has affected the area over the past week, rivers such as the Arkansas and Walnut in Southern Kansas, and the Salt Fork of the Arkansas and Chikaskia in Northern Oklahoma have brought flooding problems to those along the river banks. One of the hardest hit places was Blackwell where the Chikaskia River reached 33 feet Wednesday afternoon, which is considered a major flooding stage. Folks along the river experienced heavy flooding up into homes and properties. Streets along the east/northeast side of Blackwell are closed due to flooded waters, including US-177 north of the State Highway 11 intersection in Blackwell.  Below are photos provided by Ashley Keeney who we thank for sending Ponca Post these pictures that she took of the Chikaskia River out of its bank north of the US-177 bridge on the north side of Blackwell. The Chikaskia River at Blackwell is expected to fall below flood stage Thursday evening, while the Salt Fork of the Arkansas River at Tonkawa is expected to fall below flood stage Friday morning.