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Former Ponca City Police Officer Set For Sept. 4 Court Date

PONCA CITY – A former Ponca City Police Officer was arrested and is scheduled to make an appearance in the Kay County District Court on September 4.

Dustin Hinch of Ponca City faces a misdemeanor charge of possession of firearm while intoxicated. Hinch waived his duty pistol around while intoxicated during an argument with a female after returning from a restaurant. According to KFOR-TV, Hinch even pointed the gun at his own chin at one point. However, the female was able to get the gun holstered and locked inside a car.

In an affidavit, Hinch admits to having five Long Island Teas and five to six Mike’s Hard Lemonades. Hinch also said he didn’t remember anything from the previous night.

Hinch is no longer an officer with Ponca City Police.

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