A film about Jim Thorpe whom many regarded as the world’s greatest athlete, is in progress, and Hollywood actress and humanitarian Angelina Jolie is one of its producers. Sterlin Harjo, who grew up in Holdenville, is a scriptwriter for the biopic. Its release date hasn’t been announced, and its name isn’t official, though its website calls it “Bright Path: The Jim Thorpe Story.” Martin Sensmeier, an Alaskan Native actor, will star as Thorpe in the upcoming biopic.

Thorpe resided with his first wife, Iva, and their children at the historical site, now called Jim Thorpe Home. The gray-frame home where he lived in Yale is now a museum dedicated to him. However, according to his Great Grandaughter, Krystyn Thomas and the President of the Jim Thorpe Home, Linda Frick, the Oklahoma Historical Society might shut down the home because of inadequate funding.  Both women are hoping the movie will generate interest in an Oklahoman who many considered the worlds greatest athlete during his life.