2019 is kicking off for the Kay County Republican Party with a meeting that will take place on Thursday, January 24. The meeting will take place at 7 p.m. at the Pioneer Technology Center located at 2101 North Ash Street in Ponca City.

The guest keynote speaker for the meeting is House Representative John Pfeiffer who serves the District 38 area of Kay County. John is a well-known speaker and enjoys adding humor when making his presentation to the audience. John is a 5th generation farmer and rancher from Logan County. Pfeiffer graduated from Mulhall-Orlando High School and went on to graduate from Oklahoma State University. John is also a recent Marine Corps veteran. While in the Middle East, Pfeiffer realized the significance of the freedom he enjoyed as an American and was determined when he returned home to never take that freedom for granted again.

Following his return home, Pfeiffer began to see that some of our freedoms were slowly eroding away, and he knew he had to do something about it. At that moment, Pfeiffer decided to run for the District 38 House Representative seat in November 2014. John competed against 4 other candidates that year and would go on to win the seat for the next four years. Pfeiffer recently won the seat again in the November 2018 elections.

Pfeiffer wants to bring his determination he gained from the military and wants to factor it in during his time serving as the District 38 Representative. John and his wife reside in Orlando, OK. and attend the Methodist Church there.

Following the meeting with John Pfeiffer, there will be a drawing for a door prize. To learn more, go to the Kay County Republican Party Facebook Page, or give a call at 761-611 or 716-0959.