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Kaw Lake 35 Feet Above Normal, Impacting Memorial Day Holiday Weekend

KAW LAKE – The recent flooding has not only created concerns for local streams and river, but also area lakes.

Kaw Lake Association informed Ponca Post Thursday morning that Kaw Lake east of Ponca City was last reported at 35.23 feet above normal. The high lake levels have created an impacted for the Memorial Day Holiday as only one campsite is open. The only camp open is Sandy Park which has 12 campsites along the Kaw Lake Dam.

Kaw Lake Reservoir is currently releasing 57,919 cubic feet of water per second.

A graphic posted below provided by the Kaw Lake Association shows that the current pool at the dam is 1,045.23 feet as of Thursday morning, and is expected to peak at 1,046 feet Saturday evening.

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