Tonkawa School Superintendent Lori Simspon received her sixth term as Superintendent on Monday, January 14.

The action taken by the Board of Education at its monthly meeting was unanimous by board members Carolyn Johnson, Casey McAninch, Nacy Appleman, Mary Allan and Jerry Hook.

President Johnson said that the board is confident in Lori’s ability to lead the Tonkawa school system. Her current level of knowledge and her ability and willingness to learn what she doesn’t understand shows that she takes her position seriously and is dedicated to improving Tonkawa schools. Johnson says that Simpson works hardworking superintendent with integrity and grows yearly in all aspects of her duties. The recent years have held unique challenges such as the threat of violence, budget shortages, walkouts, etc. Simpson went on to say that Simpson is a positive component and handles every challenge she is given.

The board not only renewed her contract, but also gave her a five percent wage increase, her first since becoming superintendent five years ago. Simpson then thanked the board for their remarks and vote of confident. Before assuming her role as superintendent, Simpson taught at the Tonkawa grade school and served several years there as the principal.