Osage County Sheriff Eddie Virden said that Friday’s standoff with a gunman near Ralston ended with the gunman found dead in the home.
A deputy and a Fairfax police officer responded to a 911 call reporting a burglary and shooting.  The report said someone was shot in the chest, according to Sheriff  Virden.  When the officer arrived, a subject motioned for him to come to the porch and then the subject opened fire on the officer.  The Sheriff said the police car was hit by two bullets of the three rounds fired.  Other law enforcement agencies responded to the situation, including Kay County deputies.
The Sheriff said the suspect went quiet after the initial shots were fired. “There were no more shots fired after that,” “We attempted to contact him on the public address system and got no response.” Sheriff Virden stated.
At 11:30 that night,  officers moved in and found the man dead.  Sheriff Virden said they will not release the name until today  in an effort to make sure all of the out of state family is notified,” He said the autopsy will determine how long the subject had been dead.

“Right now it appears this was an ambush,” said Virden. In this day and time law enforcement has to be very careful. This thing is just a fact of life these days. No good ever comes out of a deal like this.”

This is the second time this year Virden’s deputies and Fairfax police have been involved in an active shooter situation.