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Man Impersonates Police And Harasses Women At Calf Fry

STILLWATER, OKLA. – A Northeast Oklahoma man wracked up multiple charges during the recent Calf Fry Festival back on May 2, 3 and 4 in Stillwater.

49-year-old Steven Lee Walker of Inola impersonated an officer at the Tumbleweed Dance Hall and was charged in Payne County District Court with two counts of impersonating an officer, one count of sexual battery and one count of DUI after prior felony convictions. Payne County Sheriff’s Office received a call that a man was driving around the Tumbleweed parking lot, using a mobile phone to mimic police lights in the vehicle. Walker was then detained and had an odor of alcohol while being unsteady on his feet.

Several witnesses then reported sexual assaults committed by Walker, such as a female being asked for her ID by Walker.  Walker even made a female stand against her car, at which Walker looked at her crotch. Walker is due back in the Payne County District Court on Thursday, May 16.

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