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Mitchell Indicted And Will Go To Trial

PERRY, Okla. – It was decided by a judge in the Noble County Courthouse in Perry on Wednesday that a deadly police shooting case will go to trial.

Blackwell Police Lieutenant John Mitchell was indicted by a grand jury last year after killing a woman, identified as Michael Godsey during a pursuit that occurred in late May 2019.

The preliminary hearing began at 9 a.m. in Noble County. The judge ruled that there was enough probable cause to proceed with the trial. Mitchell is charged with second degree murder or first degree manslaughter.

A dash-cam video was shown to the court on Tuesday which was the first day of the hearing. Officers heard yelling, sirens and two different officers firing their guns, including Mitchell.

Two officers testified for Mitchell on Tuesday and described Godsey as someone they had encountered in the past and who was likely experiencing mental delusions.

The man that called 911 on Godsey also took the stand on Tuesday and described how his car was shot at, and how he briefly asked her if she was okay.

The Oklahoma Fraternal Order of Police filled the Noble County Courthouse in support of Mitchell.

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