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Peckham Superintendent Suspended Following Allegations

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma Board of Education has suspended the teacher and superintendent certificates of Peckham Schools superintendent Gary Young.

At the State Board of Education’s monthly meeting held Thursday in Oklahoma City, A suspension was issued following allegations of sexual abuse made against Young. He is not allowed to be within contact of school children or children on school grounds.

According to KFOR-TV, one student claims that Young called her and others into his bedroom where he was laying naked which weirded the suspects out because he deliberately called them in there.

Another report states that Young told two other former students, “You girls look hot. You should just get naked and go swimming.”

Young also went as far as purchasing alcohol for an underage girl, placed his hands between her legs, propositioned her for sexual favors and asked to go back to the hotel with him while they were on an out-of-state trip.

Students aren’t the only victims.

One employee told the BOE that Young attempted to make several adavances and when he was rejected, he gave poor evaluations.

Young was also seen in 2009 rubbing lotion on a 9-month-old baby and rubbing it on the baby’s privates.

One child in 2014 and another one in 2018 both showed signs of inappropriate touching.

State superintendent Joy Hofmeister says this is the first step in the revocation process.

Photo of Gary Young. Credit to Cassandra Sweetman at KFOR-TV.


Posted below is a copy of the application for administrative complaint from the Oklahoma State Department of Education.

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