The City of Ponca City’s Development Services Department is seeking information from the public to determine the extent of any damage that my have occurred to homes and businesses from recent flood waters. Multiple storm events have produced up to 7.49 inches of rainfall in the Ponca City area this past week.

Although flooding commonly occurs near streams and drainage ditches, 37% of all flooded claims from the owners of property lying outside designated flood hazard areas. The City of Ponca City’s Stormwater Master Plan identifies areas prone to flooding. It has been used to complete a number of projects and mitigate further damage. However, staff is still seeking to find “localized drainage problems” that fall outside the scope of the Stormwater Master Plan.

Those persons who have sustain flood damage to their home or business are urged to call the Development Service Department at 763-0383, and speak with a staff member about the specifics of their problem. Staff may also want to visit the site to examine the extent of the damage and determine the probable cause.

As a reminder, flood insurance is available to anyone, even those persons who reside outside of designated flood hazard areas. Please contact your local insurance agent for more information on flood insurance.