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Ponca City man in jail after pouring acid on girlfriend

PONCA CITY – A Ponca City man now sits behind bars after he allegedly tossed acid on his girlfriend, who is also the mother of their newborn child.

According to KFOR-TV, Mace Dickens faces a felony charge of maiming.

The 24-year-old female victim informed police that acid cleaner mixed with sulfuric acid was poured on her face, neck, hands and buttocks. This happened after an argument with Dickens which started when she told Dickens that she wanted to go home.

The badly burned woman walked down the street to find someone to call 911.

When investigating the scene, Ponca City Police found a bottle of Liquid Fire Drain Line Opener, which creates heat to dissolve clogged material. Police then found a jacket which had holes in it from all the acid, giving police the idea that the female victim had significant injuries.

The victim has since been released from the hospital, and the child was not present during the incident.

Dickens was later on the run, but was arrested a few days later.

Dickens is now in the Kay County Jail on a $50,000 bond.



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