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Ponca City Police Investigating Shooting Threat To High School

UPDATE: As of 8:34 a.m. Wednesday, Ponca City Police Department has confirmed that the post that started the local worry and talk about a school shooting, is a re-post of a Snap Chat that was investigated in 2018 by the Enid Police Department and determined to be no legitimate threat. Police are trying to run down the origin of the Re-Post last night. If the police can develop enough information to charge anyone, we will. The safety of students and staff in Ponca City is of the utmost importance to Ponca City Police, and they will take all threats seriously and investigate them fully.


PONCA CITY – The Ponca City Police Department was made aware of a social media post last night referencing the possibility of a shooting at the high school today.

Ponca City Police takes all talk or threats of this nature seriously. Ponca City Officers have been working on investigating the post during the night, and at this time believe it to be a copy cat from a post in another community. Officers will continue to run down any leads or new information and will have an increased presence at the school today. Police have been in contact with Ponca City Public Schools already this morning and made them aware of what is known at this time.

We will release any new information as we have it.

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