19-year-old Tyler Zachary Zane of Stillwater is being charged with one count of first-degree burglary and three counts of third-degree burglary stemming from an incident on April 3.

According to court records, Stillwater Police Department officers were dispatched to the 2800 block of west 28th in reference to a burglary. On arrival, SPD officers met with a man who had found a wallet in his driveway while he was taking out the trash. He believed the wallet belonged to his neighbor. Officers took custody of the wallet, and asked the man to check his vehicle to see if it had been burglarized. The man said there had been some change taken from the center console and that his insurance card was missing.

Officers then went to the neighbors house, who identified the found wallet and its content as his. The officer noticed the door of the man’s car in the driveway was ajar, so officers asked to check the vehicle. The officer writes that the man said the only thing taken was a medicine bottle and loose change, estimated to be around $10.

With it being early in the evening, officers believed the suspect could still be in the area. After driving around, an officer approached the intersection of 27th and Mar Vista, where an open garage with three cars was seen. The officer noticed a person dressed in black clothing with a black backpack was standing by the driver’s side door of an SUV. The officer then got out and approached the garage where he saw a camouflage gun case with a gun in it and zipper bags with ammunition in them sitting by the garage door as if they were staged. There even appeared to be a drawer that was ransacked.

Officers identified the suspect as Flint, whom upon searching, was found carrying $45 in his glove as he admitted to breaking in to the cars in the area. In the back pocket of Flint was a medicine bottle and loose change which looked exactly like the described stolen medicine bottle.

Flint appeared in court on April 4, and is scheduled for another court appearance on Tuesday, April 16.