A 36-year-old Stillwater woman, Jennifer Lynn Denton was arrested last week after her husband’s body was discovered at their mobile home Nov. 19 in rural Stillwater.  According to an investigator for the Payne County Sheriffs Office, the body showed “several months of decay,”

The investigator presented complaints of neglect by caretaker, financial exploitation of a disabled person by caretaker and animal cruelty against Denton after the bodies of her husband, 49-year-old Wade Denton, and two dogs were discovered at the residence. The investigaor said that charges could become more serious if it is determined Wade’s death was caused by Denton’s neglect.

“As of this point, we have no (indication) of foul play from the medical examiner,”

Denton told investigators that she had stopped living with Wade in the spring of 2017 and arranged for a friend of theirs to care for him – that man told investigators he had neither seen nor heard from the couple for nearly three years. Denton later confessed to never contacting the friend to care for Wade and never made any other arrangements for his care.

The affidavit reads that during an interview Tuesday at Denton’s attorney’s office in Sayer, she told Brown and OSBI Special Agent Dannie Sanders that she was Wade’s sole caregiver – she was the only one to bring him food, water and dog food for his two dogs, a Great Pyrenees named Daniel and a hound named Duke. Brown said Wade was unable to get food or water for himself unless it was already at the residence, he had not owned a cellphone for nearly two years and was unable to navigate over to his neighbor’s house.

Denton told investigators that “she would never leave him alone for more than a few hours” and that she paid all the bills, which would have kept the well water running as well as heat and air. However, Denton also said the well had stopped working in about September 2016, so there was no access to fresh, running water.

Denton also confessed to using Wade’s Social Security income, which included his deposit of $1,120 in November. Brown confirmed that as of Monday, the account’s balance was $0.35. Denton told investigators she used part of Wade’s Social Security income to pay for her boyfriend, Kenneth Kilburns, cellphone bill as far back as February 2017.

Kilburn told the investigator that he asked Denton each month whether Wade was still OK with her spending his money and whether she had made arrangements for his care. According to the affidavit, Denton would tell Kilburn “that it was fine and everything was taken care of and that Wade’s friend was supposed to take care of him.”