Three of Ponca Cities finest, Corporal Trey Thompson, Corporal Matt Biddinger and Corporal Tristan Fitzsimmons are being recognized for a job well done.  November 20th,  Ponca City dispatch received a 911 call from a male caller advising that he had placed bombs at the Newkirk County Courthouse.  The caller went on to say if court was held on that day, he would blow up the courthouse.

The call was made from a phone which the police weren’t able to redial.  Ponca City dispatch pinged the call to an empty field on the south end of Ponca City.  Corporal Fitzsimmons went to the area but was not able to locate anyone.  Sergeant Manny Lara notified the DA’s office and the court house was emptied and the bomb squad called in.  A few short hours after the call was placed, Lara spoke with KSO Deputy Grimes who advised there was probable cause to arrest someone for the bomb threat.

Corporal Tompson, Biddinger and Fitzsimmons located the suspect at a residence and arrested Dean Allen Utsler without incident. His bond is set at $500,000.

Chief Bohon says Job Well Done.