Congratulations to Braden Dollarhide of the Tonkawa Bucs Football Team – this week’s Ground Round “Athlete of the Week”.  In the Bucs game with Chisholm on Friday night, Dollarhide led all Tonkawa receivers with 4 catches for 68 yards, including an 8 yard catch good for a Bucs touchdown with just 9 seconds left in the first half.  If you see an outstanding performance by a local athlete, in any sport, from any high schoolanywhere in North Central Oklahoma, email stats and info to Sports@Ponca Post dot com or fill out the form below.  Again, congratulations to Braden Dollarhide…our High School Athlete of the Week, from Ground Round at 5th and Prospect in Ponca City, 1230 WBBZ and Sunny 104.7!

Ground Round Athlete of the Week
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