Two jailers at the Kay County Detention Center in Newkirk are now facing criminal charges after hitting an inmate that was in a restraint chair. The charging documents filed in Kay County say that the incident was caught on surveillance video.

According to Tulsa’s Channel 8 KTUL and the criminal probable cause affidavit, Zane Vandaveer and Danial Vandaveer took inmate Christopher Branham into a holding area in a restraint chair. Investigators say Branham was being uncooperative and making verbal threats against the officers. Investigators say Branham even spat on the officers and was placed in a protective helmet and spit hood.

Early in the morning on Wednesday, September 26, the court record says that both Vandaveers went to check on Branham and release his arms for proper circulation. Branham continued to be uncooperative during that time and spat on Danial. Court records say that Danial then head butted Branham and wiped the spit back onto him before leaving the holding cell.


Pictured left: Danial Vandaveer and Zane Vandaveer

to rightInvestigators say that Zane and another officer tried to secure Branham. While Zane was reattaching the chin strap of the protective helmet, the inmate spat in Zane’s face. Court documents say that Zane proceeded to hit Branham while he was restrained up to 14 times in the head and face.

Court documents also say that Zane stepped back, picked up his hat and hit Branham again. Then once Zane Vandaveer was leaving Holding Cell 1, he turned around and kneed Christopher Branham.

According to the jail supervisor, Branham apologized for his behavior and said he did not want anything to happen to Zane because he was the cause of the problem.

According to court documents, the jail reported that Zane resigned from his position later that same afternoon and admitted to letting his emotions getting the best of him.

Both Zane and Danial Vandaveer are now facing misdemeanor assault and battery charges. Branham is facing felony charges for spitting on the officers.