About Deb

Family: Married (husband Terry) with 2 kids, a spoiled Pekingese
named Toby and 2 cats, Jar Jar Binks (yes….from Star Wars) and an
adorable kitten named Zoey. I am the oldest of 5 kids AND the only
Born: Uniontown, Pennsylvania, moved to Warsaw, Indiana at age 19
and then moved to Ponca City, OK in 1992. You can never take away
my Pennsylvania Girl Roots! Go Steelers!

First Concert: BJ Thomas – Ya ya…I know.

Last Concert: Barry Manilow – Again…ya ya…I know but I’m a “Fanilow”

Innie or Outie: What? I have a belly button?

Favorite Pizza Toppings: Lots and lots of cheese, pepperoni,
mushrooms and tomatoes

Favorite TV Show: This Is Us, The Voice.

Coke or Pepsi: Haven’t had a pop in over 6 years but loved Pepsi

Had the biggest influence on my life: My mom! She’s one of the
strongest sweetest people I know and has ALWAYS been there for me!

If I wasn’t in radio I would probably be: Sleeping in a lot later!
Seriously, I would be an interior decorator.

Most people don’t know: I love camping!

Best advice I could give: We all have obstacles in life. We alone are
responsible for our actions. Think first….be kind….pray! Phillippians
4:13 has been a verse I live by!