In 1949, after purchasing the radio station, owners Ponca City Publishing and the Muchmore Family coined a new slogan – “The Voice of North Central Oklahoma…1230 on your dial.”  Sixty-seven years later that proud tradition continues.

News, Weather, Sports & Ag

WBBZ News continues to be unparalleled in the region, delivering more local newscasts than any other broadcaster, including the comprehensive 30 minute “WBBZ Morning News.”

Dan Holiday and Jennifer Naramore provide 24/7 weather from the Oklahoma Storm Watch Weather Center, along with up-to the minute severe weather coverage.

And when it comes to sports, nobody does it better than WBBZ – with live coverage of Oklahoma State University football and basketball and St. Louis Cardinals baseball.

WBBZ also features markets and important ag news and updates from the Radio Oklahoma and Ron Hays.

Party Line – The Talk of the Town

It’s rare these days to find a radio show that’s been on the air continuously for over 50 years, but on WBBZ you’ll find it every weekday at 10am with Party Line. This live and local show features interesting conversation with community leaders, non-profits, and others who make important contributions to life in North Central Oklahoma, plus there’s a Trading Post segment where listeners can buy, sell and trade live on the radio.

The Big Talkers

We’ve got them too! The #1 talk personality in America – Rush Limbaugh – can be heard 6 days a week on WBBZ. We’re also the only station in North Central Oklahoma featuring Sean Hannity, and Dave Ramsey. Click here for our schedule.

For more information about WBBZ, contact Lyman James at (580) 765-5491 or email [email protected]