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Protocols for 18th Annual Titan Classic Carl Albert Titan Classic Basketball Tournament as Po-Hi boys will be participating

The Ponca City Public School boys’ basketball team will be playing in the 18th Annual Titan Classic Carl Albert Titan Classic Basketball Tournament starting Thursday, January 21, 2021. The first game starts at 1:00 p.m. Posted below is the direct letter provided by PCPS and Carl Albert regarding safety protocols:



Information and Covid-19 Safety Protocols 


Welcome to the 18th Annual Titan Classic Basketball Tournament. We are extremely thankful to be able to  move forward with hosting this tournament. This tournament has drawn some of the best boys and girls teams  in the past and this year is no different. We look forward to a great weekend of basketball. Below are a few  items of information that might be helpful as well as our safety protocols. PLEASE READ THE  INFORMATION BELOW and let us know if you have questions or concerns. 

COVID-19 Information: 

Mid-Del schools and Carl Albert High School are following the CDC guidelines for safety protocols If you have had known exposure to COVID-19 in the past 14 days or have been asked to quarantine in  the past 10 days, you may NOT enter Carl Albert’s campus 

Do not enter the facilities if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms: Temperature over 100 degrees, persistent cough, shortness of breath, sore throat,  headache, muscle/joint pain, nausea or loss of smell/taste. 

Masks are REQUIRED for all of the following while at CAHS athletic facilities: Participants 





Media Personnel 


Bench / Sideline Areas: 

  • Everyone MUST wear a mask when you are in the bench/sideline areas. 
  • Seating for teams: 2-3 rows of chairs spaced 6’ apart.  
  • Coaches MUST wear masks at all times. 
  • Players may remove masks when entering the game 
  • Players and Coaches must sit in assigned seats when appropriate and keep their person belongings at  their assigned seat(towel, water bottle, mask, etc) 
  • Everyone has their own water bottle. 
  • Players/coaches sanitize during breaks. 
  • Both bench areas will be sanitized between games so please consider that if you are about to play.


  • REQUIRED to wear masks at ALL times unless playing in the game, Including pregame warmup. ● Masks must be worn while seated on the bench/sideline at all times. 


  • REQUIRED to wear masks at ALL times and social distance when seated in the stands. ● ARE NOT allowed on the playing surface for any reason before, during, or after the game. ● Are asked to leave the facility as soon as their respective team is finished playing. ● Follow host team protocols for warm up, seating and participation. 

Team Seating before/after games: 

  • We will have designated areas for teams to sit while waiting to play or scouting. ● Visiting Boys teams will sit on the South side, West end section 
  • Visiting Girls teams will sit on the West side, South end section. 
  • Home Boys teams will sit on the North side, West end section. 
  • Home Girls teams will sit on the West side, North end section. 
  • Contact a Carl Albert coach or administrator if you need to know where to sit. 

Seating Capacity: 

  • The Carl Albert Fieldhouse has a seating capacity of approximately 2000 without the lower section which will be closed to fans. 
  • We will be limiting tickets to 25% capacity which is 500 fans. 
  • If we reach the 500 capacity we will stop selling tickets until there are fans the leave the facility. 


  • Tickets may be purchased at the gate. 
  • Prices: Adults – $7 Students – $5 
  • Tickets are good for all day but you must show your ticket at the gate to re-enter. 

Teams waiting to play or watching/scouting 

  • There are designated seating areas for teams only. No fans/parents will be allowed in these areas. 

Locker Rooms: 

  • Will be provided for each team. 
  • Your Team Name will be posted outside your locker room. 
  • Will be thoroughly sanitized between each use. 
  • Please limit the number of athletes in the locker room as much as possible 


We will rotate basketballs as much as possible during the game to keep them sanitized. Warmup basketball will be provided and will be sanitized between games. 

Cheer / Pom: 

  • There will be NO Cheer/Pom permitted by visiting teams.

Training Room: 

  • There will be a certified trainer on site for the tournament. 
  • CAHS Training Staff will adhere to strict CDC guidelines for treatment. 
  • Please bring supplies if you need taping, etc. 
  • CAHS will provide treatment and/or supplies if needed. 

Hospitality Room: 

The Carl Albert Tip In Booster Club will host the hospitality room.  

It is located in the Media Room which is in the North hallway downstairs. 

It is available to COACHES, GAME OFFICIALS, and GAME WORKERS ONLY. All food will be pre-packaged and available for “grab and go”. 

You will be able to get your food/drink before or after your game. 

To limit traffic in there, we will allow a coaching staff one trip per day to get your food and drink. There will be limited seating (10 at a time). If there are seats available you may remain in the  hospitality room to eat, otherwise it will have to be “grab and go”. 


If your team needs to wash uniforms contact one of the head coaches. We have two laundry rooms that  can be used to wash your uniforms. We can wash and hang dry them. 


Please park all busses south of the tennis courts or south of the softball field. They are located behind  the fieldhouse on the west side. 


In the tournament program is a list of the tournament sponsors. If you have opportunity to visit one of  these locations it would be greatly appreciated. We have a great community that backs our programs  and would love to give back to them when possible. 

Practice Times: 

If you would like to practice or shoot-a-round, contact one of the head coaches and we will work out  times that are convenient for you. We have two gyms in the school that are available part of the day.  We may have to work around PE classes, etc but we will try to accommodate you as much as possible. District Athletic Director: Andy Collier 

Site Athletic Director: Mike Corley 

Head Boys Coach: Jay Price (405) 760-4045 

Head Girls Coach: Kyle Richey (405) 401-8198