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Jingle Bull Rock

Jingle Bull Rock

The Jingle Bull Rock Has Been Found!

Congratulations to Linda Peterson of Ponca City, winner of $1,047!  Linda and two of her great-grandchildren found the Rock in AMBUC Park on Friday afternoon.  The Rock was at the base of a small tree just steps away from the shelter house.  The tree has a green weather wrap around the base, and the Rock was laying on the side facing away from the shelter house.

We’ll post some background on the clues this weekend.  Thanks to everyone for taking part…and thanks to these sponsors for making this fun holiday tradition possible!

  • Axe Hole, 310 East Grand, Ponca City
  • Brandt’s Ace Hardware, 3203 North 14th, Ponca City
  • CBD American Shaman, 108 North 5th, Ponca City
  • Erin O’Hara Farmers Insurance, 1722 North 4th, Ponca City
  • Kaw Smoke Shop, 5650 North L A Cann, Newkirk
  • Kaw Smoke Shop, 1535 East Hubbard Road Ponca City
  • McGee Jewelers, 219 East Grand, Ponca City
  • Pioneer Veterinary Clinic & Pet Resort, just east of the new river bridge on Highway 60, Ponca City
  • Provisions Coffeehouse & Eatery, 312 East Grand, Ponca City
  • Sharp’s Indian Store & Pawn, 118 South 2nd Street, Ponca City
  • Southwind Express, 11200 East Highway 11, Kaw City
  • Woodridge Market, 4128 Lake Road, Ponca City

Find all the clues here.

Email questions here.

Merry Christmas..from the Fun ‘n’ Games Department at 1047 The Bull!