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Know Anyone on this Police Warrant List?

If you have a Ponca City Municipal Warrant contact Sgt. Jerry Hall at the Ponca City Police Department to schedule an appointment with the Municipal Judge to arrange a payment schedule for your fines.

By calling and making these arrangements your Municipal warrant will be de-activated which will save you from being arrested in a place which you have no control of, such as a routine traffic stop, your workplace or your home.

If you do not follow through with your scheduled appointment with the Municipal Judge, your warrant will be re-activated

If your name is not on this list and you think you may have a warrant, give Sgt. Hall a call and he will check for you.

You will need to bring a minimum of $50.00 to your scheduled appointment with the Municipal Judge.

Sgt. Hall 1-580-763-0579

Monday through Friday

Call between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.


Bret L Bacher Jr                                             Fail to Appear                                    $25

Justin W Fraley                                                 Fail to Pay                                            $48

Rikki M Creamer                                              Fail to Pay                                            $53

William F Doolittle                                            Fail to Pay                                            $54

Carlos Eguia                                                        Fail to Pay                                            $59

Amiee R Boucherie                                         Fail to Appear                                    $64

Christopher D Mohr                                        Fail to Pay                                            $104

James B Cantley                                               Fail to Appear                                    $129

Gregory A Brown Jr                                         Fail to Pay                                            $144

Shawn Boyer                                                     Fail to Pay                                            $154

Vicki Y Solas LeClair                                          Fail to Appear                                    $189

Mark A Trott                                                      Fail to Appear                                    $189

Jessika A Bryan                                                 Fail to Appear                                    $104

Mikayla D Clonts                                               Fail to Appear                                    $104

Matthew Queen                                              Fail to Appear                                    $104

Frank D James                                                   Fail to Appear                                    $104

Charles C Waters                                              Fail to Pay                                            $143

Kirk P Shirley                                                      Fail to Pay                                            $143

Edith Garcia                                                        Fail to Appear                                    $189

Janna D Black                                                     Fail to Appear                                    $166

Janna D Black                                                     Fail to Appear                                    $189

Jerry R Cottingham                                          Fail to Appear                                    $189

Ashley K Phillips                                                Fail to Appear                                    $104

Joshua C Fishburn                                            Fail to Appear                                    $104

Neal C Bahnmaier                                            Fail to Pay                                            $104

Loyd R Mason                                                    Fail to Appear                                    $129

Cesario Lopez                                                    Fail to Appear                                    $129

Sendy Vasquez                                                 Fail to Pay                                            $139

Tracy A Torres                                                   Fail to Pay                                            $154

William F Tyler                                                   Fail to Pay                                            $149

Lisa G Norton                                                     Fail to Pay                                            $204

Timothy D Adkins                                             Fail to Appear                                    $254

Devon K Johnston                                           Fail to Pay                                            $254

Rosetta C Arkeketa                                         Fail to Appear                                    $254

John J Burris                                                       Fail to Appear                                    $254

Risa C Brown                                                      Fail to Appear                                    $254

Adam D Tweedy                                               Fail to Appear                                    $254

Andrew J Kreger                                              Indirect Contempt of Court         $254

Ashley L. Munroe                                            Indirect Contempt of Court         $254

Caroline C Keene                                             Fail to Pay                                            $214

Colton Oneal                                                      Indirect Contempt of Court         $254

Angela Botone                                                  Indirect Contempt of Court         $254

Sherolyn R Hall                                                  Indirect Contempt of Court         $254

Sherolyn R Hall                                                  Fail to Pay                                            $204

Misty D Huff                                                       Fail to Pay                                            $208

Lisa G Norton                                                     Indirect Contempt of Court         $254

Margaret A Heller                                            Indirect Contempt of Court         $254

Daniel J Ramirez                                               Indirect Contempt of Court         $254

Ariel Mallory                                                      Assault or Battery                            $254

Michelle McCoy                                                 Indirect Contempt of Court         $254

Nickolas D Cramer                                           Indirect Contempt of Court         $254

Stephen N Harney                                           Indirect Contempt of Court         $254

Justin Fuller                                                        Fail to Appear                                    $254

Hilda A Garcia                                                    Fail to Appear                                    $254

Danny Blum                                                        Fail to Appear                                    $254

Francis P Reyna                                                 Fail to Appear                                    $254

Josephine Begshisown                                  Fail to Pay                                                            $254

Moses T Hawk                                                   Fail to Pay                                                            $254

Brandi West                                                       Indirect Contempt of Court                         $254

John Washington                                             Indirect Contempt of Court                         $254

Richard Leterle                                                  Indirect Contempt of Court                         $254

Meagan L Kent                                                  Fail to Pay                                                            $222

Rodolfo Salinas                                                 Fail to Pay                                                            $244

Barbara E Matthews                                       Inhaling Intoxicants/Trespass                     $253

Geneva M Brandt                                            Operating with Expired Registration        $208

Hollis Lieb                                                            Fail to Pay                                                            $264

Eric S Mills                                                           Fail to Pay                                                            $294

Cody L Lovell                                                      Fail to Pay                                                            $304

Jacob A Stephens                                            Fail to Pay                                                            $304

Travis G Watkins                                               Fail to Pay                                                            $305

Henry J Tapp                                                      Fail to Pay                                                            $314

Richard T Price                                                   Fail to Pay                                                            $318

Kenneth J Thompson                                     Fail to Pay                                                            $351

Bristan S Schaeffer                                          Fail to Pay                                                            $351

McKenzie D Adams                                         Fail to Pay                                                            $358

Jacinda V Grace                                                Fail to Pay                                                            $370

Shayley D Arruda                                             Fail to Pay                                                            $377

David Martinez                                                 Fail to Appear                                                    $378

Quinton E Coburn                                            Fail to Pay                                                            $392

Joshua A Mehojah                                          Fail to Pay                                                            $393

Karmen Corley                                                  Fail to Appear                                                    $403

Preston D Paslay                                              Telephone Harassment/Trespassing       $403

Felesha L Parker                                               Fail to Pay                                                            $454

Patrick L Kiser                                                    Fail to Pay                                                            $464

Dennis C Burk                                                    Fail to Pay                                                            $467

Dorothy L Salina-Perez                                  Fail to Appear                                                    $503

Alexis D Martin                                                 Fail to Appear                                                    $503

Ciera J Sherwood                                            Fail to Pay                                                            $504

Danny F Weaver                                               Fail to Pay                                                          $504

Dana M. Siebold                                               Fail to Pay                                                           $505

Tashina M. Jeans                                             Fail to Appear                                                   $503

Adrianne D Poe                                                Fail to Pay                                                            $528

Maggi M Smith                                                  Fail to Appear                                                    $551

Denise L Epperson                                           Fail to Appear                                                    $554

Bret L Bachar Jr                                                Fail to Pay                                                           $564

Richard W Leterle                                           Fail to Pay                                                           $540

Amarbe T Pappan III                                       Fail to Pay                                                           $509

Stephen W Riff                                                Fail to Pay                                                           $539

Matthew E Hutchison                                   Fail to Appear                                                    $551

Phillip E Burgess                                               Petit Larceny                                                    $554

Kassandra MJ Anderson                              Fail to Pay                                                           $554

Preston J Greenwell                                      Fail to Pay                                                           $588

Christopher L McClung                                 Fail to Appear                                                    $594

Betty S Raida                                                      Fail to Appear                                                    $594

Thomas C McClung                                         Fail to Pay                                                           $559

Antonio J Morales                                           Fail to Pay                                                           $559

Anthony Lazo                                                    Fail to Pay                                                           $543

Bradley E Moore                                              Fail to Appear                                                    $613

Ivy L Delodge                                                    Fail to Pay                                                           $603

Jonathon K Baker                                            Fail to Pay                                                           $623

Brandi M West                                                 Fail to Pay                                                            $643

Ashton J Liggins                                               Fail to Pay                                                           $699

Courtney L Grant                                             Fail to Pay                                                          $750

Kenneth S Alexander                                    Fail to Pay                                                            $777

Ervin I Wineberry                                             Fail to Pay                                                            $753

Trent G Veasey                                                Fail to Pay                                                            $763

Amber D Nowlin                                              Fail to Pay                                                            $748

Elizabeth M Yahola                                          Petit Larceny/Trespassing                           $703

Jerry D Robb                                                     Fail to Pay                                                           $739

Roy Richard Robbins Jr.                                Driving Under Suspension                         $804

Trevor L Burns                                                Fail to Pay                                                           $819

Michael D Osterman                                       Fail to Pay                                                           $837

Kyle W Leon                                                       Fail to Pay                                                            $842

Nikki A Holt                                                        Fail to Appear                                                    $848

Charles C Henry                                               Fail to Pay                                                           $936

Donivan L Rogers                                             Fail to Pay                                                            $942

Paul C Roughface Jr                                         Fail to Pay                                                            $958

Tiffany R Cross                                                  Fail to Pay                                                            $939

Devin E Sester                                                  Fail to Pay                                                           $1058

Kenneth A Noheart                                       Fail to Pay                                                           $1063

Jessica R Jenkins                                               Fail to Appear                                                    $1103

Forrest S Walton                                              Fail to Pay                                                           $1103

Brandon J Freeman                                         Fail to Pay                                                           $1250

Ashley L Munroe                                              Fail to Pay                                                           $1212

Holly L Fugere                                                   Fail to Appear                                                    $1113

Juanita N Tarvin                                               Fail to Pay                                                           $1058

Andre D Crews                                                 Fail to Pay                                                           $1058

Edmond L Ramsey                                          Fail to Pay                                                           $1046

Zachary N Capps                                              Fail to Pay                                                            $1062

Charles M Miller                                               Fail to Pay                                                            $1363

Louann B Martin                                              Fail to Appear                                                    $1387

Maribel G Ramos                                             Fail to Pay                                                            $1492

Stephen D Bohon                                            Fail to Pay                                                           $1546

Edmond L Ramsey                                          Fail to Pay                                                            $1635

Kimberly J Smith                                              Fail to Pay                                                            $1603

Lyle J Howard                                                    Fail to Pay                                                            $1782

Peter A Denoya                                               Fail to Pay                                                           $1794

Jeremy P Haley                                                Fail to Pay                                                           $1992

Lyle G Gillen                                                      Fail to Pay                                                            $2112

Donald J Williams                                             Fail to Pay                                                           $2137

Larry J Calvert                                                   Fail to Pay                                                            $2688

Bryan J Everhart                                              Fail to Pay                                                           $2754

Danny L Bryer                                                   Fail to Pay                                                            $5137

Roxanne N Hess                                              Fail to Pay                                                            $4455

Diane C Criesforribs                                        Fail to Pay                                                            $4168

Jadion C Roubedeaux                                   Fail to Pay                                                            $2535

Steven W Hodge                                              Fail to Pay                                                           $1044

Jerry W Klein                                                     Fail to Pay                                                           $3111

Tyler L Truelove                                                Fail to Pay                                                           $3938





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