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Rainy Day Funds Help School District

At the Ponca City Board of Education meeting Monday night, Ponca City School Superintendent Dr. David Pennington said that because of rainy day money the state is using, the Ponca City School revenue shortfall is now $900,000 for the year instead of the anticipated 1.3 million and will not make shutting down school early necessary. The Ponca City Schools found out the state will use the funds to backfill the revenue the school had lost for health insurance which was $198,000 which Dr. Pennington said he anticipated.  The rest of the money was used to fill the cuts Ponca City took for state aid in March.  This added to $400,000  while the cuts were $435,000.  Thus a total loss of around $35,000 and no reason that school will not stay open until its expected final day.

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